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Hardwood Flooring In in Manassas VA

Hardwood flooring has never been more popular than it is today. With this popularity, it is no surprise there are hundreds of companies out there offering hardwood flooring services. Newer technology has emerged making hardwood flooring eco-friendly. It is one of the finest of finishes and more affordable. Carpet Royale and Rug serves residential and commercial customers throughout Prince William County.

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Wood is timeless. It never goes out of style and lasts a long time making it an excellent investment. Hardwood floors are designed to match any décor from sophisticated contemporary to distinctive, hand-scraped rustic. Beautiful hardwood flooring is suitable for most areas of your home. You can trust hardwood floors for a lifetime of enjoyment. Today there are more wood flooring fashions to choose from than ever before. There are over 1,000 species of wood floors available in the country and Carpet Royale & Rug is your local resource for this resilient beauty.

Adding hardwood floors adds warmth and beauty to a room and is a great way to increase the value of your home. There are many different styles of hardwood flooring to choose from. Hardwood floors can be installed on any level of your home or business and are available in multiple types enabling installation flexibility over different subfloors and to mitigate moisture.

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  • Installation
  • Sanding Hardwood Floors
  • Refinishing Existing Hardwood Flooring

There are three primary subfloors over which you can install:

  • Plywood subfloor at or above ground level
  • Concrete at ground level
  • Basement or concrete below ground level

There are four constructions of hardwood floors to address each primary type of subfloor.

  • 5/16-in. Solid
  • 3/4-in. Solid
  • Engineered
  • Locking

Hardwood Floors

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  • Shaw
  • Elemental
  • Armstrong
  • Mirage

Sanding Hardwood Floors – Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Take a look at the hardwood floors in your home. Does it still look as good as it did when you moved in? If your hardwood floors have seen better days, it may be time to have them refinished. Carpet Royale provides exceptional hardwood refinishing services in the Prince William County area.

  • We can make your scuffed and scratched floors look like new again.
  • Refinishing your floors can increase the value of your home.
  • Our flooring contractors can make your hardwood last longer.

Don’t wait – schedule your hardwood floor refinishing appointment with Carpet Royale today.

Carpet Royale is your hardwood floor sanding and refinishing specialist. We specialize in bringing old hardwood floors back to life. We know how to properly restore and service all types of hardwood flooring.

We believe you will find the cost to refinish your hardwood floors as reasonable. Often, our cost including materials and labor to refinish your hardwood floors is less than the do-it-yourself cost, once you add up the floor sanding equipment rental and all the other unavoidable costs to refinish wood floors. If you are considering redoing hardwood floors yourself, please understand the damage you can do when trying to resurface hardwood floors can be catastrophic if you are not experienced. Hardwood floor sanding equipment can grind divots out of wood floors and leave waves of uneven surfaces if not handled properly.

Sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors are the best way to renew old, scratched, and worn hardwoods. Unlocking the former floors beauty will also add significant value to your home. If you have worn carpeting, before buying ne, pull up a hidden section to see if there are hardwoods below. This is often the case in older homes. Often we can remove the carpet and restore the hardwood beneath. We will sand your floors using an ultra-fine grit, then apply a fresh stain. When we’re done, your floors will look like new. If only a small section of your floor needs refinishing, we can do a small patch repair.

Dirt and dust not only make your floors look dull, but can leave superficial scratches that dull the surface. While a deep cleaning can refresh your floors, unfortunately a deep clean is not always going to work. Some Hardwood floors are beyond a quick fix. Do you have gaps in your flooring? Trowel filling after sanding is the most efficient method to repair deep gashes and gaps. Now it is time to call a professional.

Now comes the fun part! You will have the option to pick a new finish that is satin or glossy as well as a stain color like a dark oak or rich mahogany which are both very popular.

Call 703-330-1120 or request an estimate right now to learn more about our hardwood restoration services in the Manassas VA area.

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